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know how

Know-how is an English term that refers to a series of techniques and knowledge of a person or group of people and that can be applied to different areas of a company ; they are not necessarily backed by a commercial patent but are highly relevant for a successful business.

This concept is widely known in the field of commerce around the world and they usually include strategies within companies and that are usually kept secret, such as personal data of their customers or suppliers.

The  know – how is as its name suggests “know – how” and “know how to do” and are skills that influence the academic training of the individual but related to the more knowledge gained by experience

Examples of know how

  1. A programmer who has learned techniques to develop better programs through experience, compared to a skilled but inexperienced programmer.
  2. The techniques of a franchising company and that it teaches its franchisees.
  3. A group of restaurant chefs who manage to improve the quality of their dishes and at the same time improve the speed when serving customers.
  4. The processes carried out by a coffee shop based on the experience of its employees
  5. The techniques handled for years, by the workers of a company that are not exposed in a manual.
  6. Practice a new recipe to the point of improving it and making it the best possible
  7. Blacksmith assistants generally learn their trade through practice without the need for a degree.
  8. High school interns generally learn their assignments from someone who has been in their assigned area for some time.
  9. The correct customer service that can be learned through practice and the example of the workers who have been in the area for the longest time.
  10. How to solve labor disputes within the office thanks to the tips and advice that have been given by more experienced personnel.

One of the disadvantages of this type of knowledge is that being something that is learned in a very personal way or with colleagues and this makes trying to transmit these teachings to other people more difficult, not impossible, but they are things that are learned basically in practice and they are of great value to know how to stand out from the rest.

Another detail of the  know-how is that it is not always something intangible, they can be tools acquired over time such as special machinery for a certain process, a database that has undergone several changes and modifications, services that have been implemented in exclusive way. Although these techniques and knowledge are applied to various types of companies, it is quite common to see them in fields such as technology , computing, engineering and other more specific areas such as design, fashion, project planning, among others.

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