Examples of Jokes

The jokes

It is a short oral or written narration that is intended to generate grace or make the listener laugh .

The joke is considered one of the diverse forms of expression of the most representative man within his culture .

These short stories were made with the purpose of relaxing and releasing accumulated stress , although a joke may not have the same humor in some parts of the world compared to others.

The joke uses various mechanisms such as word play, phonetic games, figurative meaning or double meaning , among others.

A joke has two parts, namely:

  • The introduction that is the beginning of the joke and the presentation of the characters and
  • The grace that is the final part of the narrative where the funny turn of the joke is given.

There are, according to their composition, several types of jokes, among them we find:

  • Tendentious jokes : these are aggressive, sensual, sexual, obscene jokes. They are jokes that cannot be told to minors.
  • Non-biased jokes: its main characteristic is the play on words.

Example of jokes

  1. If a boy and a duck are born on the same day and at the same time; a year later Who is older?

The duck


Because the duck is a year and a beak.

  1. There were two drunks in a bar and one says to the other:

Hey, don’t drink anymore you’re getting fuzzy.

  1. What is the height of a murderer?

Not knowing how to kill time.

  1. There was a mother so old but so old but so old that she only gave powdered milk.
  2. An elderly woman tells her dentist:

Doctor, doctor, I come to have my teeth pulled.

But, you don’t have teeth.

Yes doctor, I just swallowed them.

  1. Two cows are grazing and one tells the other

Hey, don’t you care what they’re saying about mad cows?

Not at all, I am a chicken.

  1. A very hairy man comes to the doctor’s office and asks him:

Doctor, doctor, what am I suffering from?

And the doctor answers:

You suffer little bear.

  1. A woman is in a medical consultation and the doctor tells her:

You have a very serious condition, you have little time to live.

And the woman asks him:

How much do I have left?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6 …

  1. There are two people sleeping in a bunk, to which the one above begins to pray:

I lie down with the Virgin, with the child Jesus I protect myself and with my Guardian Angel I accompany me tonight.

In that the bed falls, and the one below answers:

You see, that happens to you for sleeping with so many people.

  1. A boy asks his mother:

Mom, Mom, would you ever punish me for something I didn’t do?

No son, of course not.

Oh good, because I didn’t do my homework.

  1. A man asks his wife:

My life, do you believe in love at first sight?

And the woman answers:

Of course I do, because if I had seen you twice, I wouldn’t marry you.

  1. I consider myself a healthy guy.

Why’s that? Do you eat very healthy?

No, people say hello to me a lot.

  1. Are we going to play polo?

so far?

  1. Two friends meet and one says to the other:

I see that your watch is new.

Yes, I bought it yesterday.

And what brand?

The time.

  1. A boy sees his pregnant mother and asks her:

Mom, why are you so fat?

And the mother answers:

Because I have within me a little brother of yours.

And the child asks: Who gave it to you?

Your dad.

Hearing this from the mother, he runs to his father and says:

Dad, dad, please don’t give my mom any more children because she eats them.

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