Examples of job offers

When looking for a person to go to work in a task that you have or a position available, it is important that some requirements are met that although they are not essential, it is important to form an offer with attention and interest for people who are looking to occupy some Market Stall.

So this time, we are going to talk to you about the  examples of job offers and know how to apply them properly, all based on the needs you have.

Regardless of the country where you are, thousands of people daily enter portals in search of a job that they can do for their studies or also for what they have learned throughout their lives. Therefore, each of the offers that you are willing to create must be attractive to the public and demand a series of requirements that will make it easier.

In an offer you must be clear about what you are looking for and the type of profile of the candidate to enter to work with you or within a company.

Requirements to apply for a job offer

It all depends on the type of work that is required, but generally these steps have to be covered:

  • Responsable
  • Experience
  • Immediate availability
  • Of legal age (most cases)

Other requirements may be that they have command of a language, that they have references from previous jobs or that they present their curriculum vitae in PDF format, as most companies require today.

Job offer examples

  1. “We request an experienced executive secretary”

We are looking for a woman who has at least 5 years of experience to work as an executive secretary for a major company in the country. The candidate’s profile must be someone with agenda management, experience in Office parcel, Windows , Excel certifications and an excellent level of English, minimum C1.

The work will have benefits that are granted based on the law, in addition to benefits. You will have a competitive salary and an excellent work environment.

  1. Warehouse assistant requested

The company Copipove CA, is looking for trained personnel, who have enough experience for the bacchante that is available. It requires experience, responsibility and minimal knowledge in the matter.

The work has legal benefits plus what the company grants to its workers for the good performance of their work.

  1. General Manager requested

At popiyter SA., We are looking for personnel with the skills commensurate with the position. You must have at least 5 years of experience, have a fairly sustainable and studied curriculum and have at least 2 references from previous work in this area.

The selection will be by lottery and the company reserves the right to choose the one it deems with the greatest and best capabilities.

The benefits and salaries are well remunerated, with progressive increases according to the situation of the company, apart from having the benefits of the law.

  1. Store manager requested

  • Comply with and enforce the quality guidelines of the products and customer service (advice, diligence, speed, efficiency), in order to guarantee the established levels of customer satisfaction, as well as the image of the company.
  • Supervise, coordinate and control compliance with the maintenance guidelines of the facilities, in order to maintain the corporate image standards established by the company.
  • Direct and control the management of the store at an administrative level (cash management, cash closings, reports, personnel management, cost control, purchase-sale relationships, legal requirements), in order to increase the sales of the business unit , with an efficient operation, under the rules, procedures and strategies defined by the company.
  • Supervise the store staff, regarding: induction and training, planning and assignment of work schedules and tasks.
  • Supervise the receipt of orders , in order to ensure receipt in accordance with the proposed requirements and quality standards established in current legal regulations.
  • Supervise and control the use and administration of the material and financial resources assigned to the store, in order to guarantee its efficiency, optimization and profitability.
  • Detect areas of growth and propose alternatives related to the business, in order to contribute to the profitability of the store and guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Supervise and develop the personnel under his charge, in order to ensure their internal growth as a replacement generation, maintain a highly motivated work team and deliver the results expected by the company.
  • Supervise the inventory management of the store, through checks of the physical taking of inventory and the frequent realization of inventories, as well as by the rotation of the same.
  •  Ensure the protection of the store’s assets, in order to safeguard them
  1. Maintenance personnel requested

Homestay is urgently looking for female staff with experience in house and apartment maintenance.

It will have basic benefits of the law, plus lunch and round trip transportation.

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