Examples of Job Interview in English

A job interview in English is defined as the series of questions that are asked in a multinational company which generally always require a high level of English.

This type of interview is to observe and learn the vocabulary that you master to exercise the position that is available.

10 Examples of Job Interviews in English

  1. Tell something about yourself: This question is mostly for you to talk about the professional.
  2. What types of strong points do you master: it is a question that is asked so that you can focus on which environment you like the most, including your qualities.
  3. What is your greatest weakness: it is best to always respond with a weakness that is positive, such as that you are very correct in your things or you are very perfectionist.
  4. Why do you have so much time without working: the ideal is that you highlight that you have been doing courses and some short-time jobs.
  5. Where do you think you are after five years: as this question is based on the job profile, it is best that you see yourself rising in office, or traveling practicing your profession.
  6. You know something about the type of work that is done in this company: in this question you can talk about the experience you have had in other companies.
  7. He is sure that you can do the job well: surprise using your qualities, the experience and the professional training you have on that position.
  8. You can with the work schedule that is managed: in this question you must be sure that you can comply with the rules and hours established by the company and have your time available to do your job well.
  9. In job interviews in English, the most important thing is the security that you demonstrate for the position you are looking for. You must be sure of your pronunciation to answer the questions correctly.
  10. Before attending the job interview in English, you must reinforce your knowledge of the language and even more so if it is not that of your country.

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