Examples of Jab Deterrent with Punch Up (Boxing)

The jab deterrent with attached above
description of a jab to the mouth of the stomach.
Second, a feint of this to hit a jab up and finally; We will see how this feint can be used as a deterrent to avoid a counter attack with a right straight from the opponent, when you want to hit with your jab down.

To throw this jab to the stomach, we bend at the waist and knees taking a step (medium or long) with the front foot, keeping in mind that, at the moment of contact with the target, our extended arm must be parallel to the floor. We can throw this jab, for example, with force to wear down the opponent or make him lower his hands 
Figure 1.- This jab goes deep into the stomach. Note that your knees are bent enough so that your arm is parallel to the ground for impact.

Let’s figure you are in a fight … after jabbing to the stomach a few times, you are going to fool your opponent with your body (bending at the waist and knees) and with your eyes (looking at the stomach) so that he thinks that you are going to repeat that same blow. But instead, you are going to step (medium or long) with your front foot and hit up with the jab (figs. 2 and 3) to follow up with a right hand.

Figure 2.- Your opponent receives a deterrent jab before even trying to counter your jab down.
Figure 3.- This other opponent tried to counter your jab down with a right hand.
Remember to keep your eyes directly on the opponent’s stomach (looking only indirectly at the target) until the moment your jab makes contact with his face. At this point you will notice that your extended arm will be at an upward angle if the feint, with body and eyes, was executed correctly

Said up jab by feinting down can serve to deter an opponent from wanting to counter your jab to the pit of their stomach with a right hand. It is good to remember that an opponent might feel confident to counter your jab to the stomach on your first attempt to throw it; If you think that can happen to you, you could first use the deterrent feint with jabup (which we talked about) before throwing your heavy jab down at him.

Do not forget that the jab to the pit of the stomach can also be effective, sometimes, against fighters much shorter than you. Some fighters at all technical levels know (knew how) to do it; Among the best known and most technically complete is Sugar Ray Robinson, tall American fighter from the 40s. and 50s.

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