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Examples of Irritability

It is known as irritability to the reaction that some people may have after being subjected to external or internal factors that change their perception of tranquility It is a very personal type of emotion that emerges from situations that each individual experiences and that they consider harmful or simply negative for their life. In other words, what can irritate one person may not elicit this reaction in another.

This reaction has physiological and pathological characteristics. Therefore, it does not have to be directly related to the psychological part: perhaps only one organ or part of your body experiences irritability and manifests it in a certain way.

Irritability contributes to the ability of a living being to adapt to changes. The response that it can generate in those who experience it will depend on many factors; in people it will depend on their psychological traits and pathologies (if they have them), for example.

On the other hand, although many associate this term with people, the reality is that irritability is experienced by every living being. The difference between one and the other is that your answer will obviously be different.

15 Examples of Irritability

  1. Sneezing and watery eyes from dust or other substance.
  2. Itchy tongue from very hot chili peppers.
  3. Airways congested from contact with pepper spray.
  4. Red and burning skin from contact with some corrosive.
  5. An angry person and in a very bad mood for something that did not go well.
  6. Itching of the skin from contact with plants such as nettle that usually produces what is called urticaria.
  7. Cover your face if there is an explosion nearby.
  8. Being in the dark and suddenly turning on the light often causes eye irritation.
  9. Headache from experiencing unusual situations: not eating for long hours, strong smells, loud sounds, etc.
  10. Creeping plants, which change their orientation as they grow, according to their environment.
  11. When a person reacts with a reflex thinking that they will be hit or fall.
  12. The reaction of running in dangerous situations.
  13. Redness of the skin when suffering a blow.
  14. Closing your eyes when you have a sense of invasion in the visual field.
  15. The quick reaction of removing your hand when in contact with a hot object.
  16. The trembling of the body when exposed to very low temperatures.
  17. Feeling angry at an untenable situation.

Types of Irritability

We must bear in mind that the reactions correspond to irritability and this can be of two types and they are the following:

  • Internal irritability: in this case the reaction will occur within the body, which can be a pain in the stomach, liver or mouth.
  • External Irritability: this is a reaction produced in the skin, eyes and everything that has to do with the outside; on the other hand, if we speak in psychological terms, people can become irritable in terms of discomfort or discomfort depending on their personality.

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