Examples of Inverse Proportionality

The inverse proportionality is obtained by multiplying the magnitudes with each other, it is said that the inverse proportionality occurs when twice the amount of a magnitude corresponds half amount of the other magnitude. This means that it is a constant relationship between different quantities which can be measured and when one increases or decreases the other proportionally will do the same.

 Examples of Inverse Proportionality

  1. When we got to my aunt’s house, we asked her the location of the best places in the city and she provided us with a sketch which 4 centimeters of the sketch represented 500 meters of reality, we decided to go to a river that is 6 centimeters from the house in the sketch, how far will this river really be from the house?

  • Answer: since 4 centimeters represent 500 meters, 1 centimeter will represent.
  • 500: 4 = 125 meters. Since 1 centimeter represents 125 meters, 6 centimeters will represent. 125x 6 = 750 meters. The river is at a distance of 750 meters from the house.
  1. Yesterday 1 car carried a merchandise from the warehouse to the store, tomorrow 2 cars, the same as today, will make 4 trips to be able to take a little more merchandise from the store to the center. How much trip did the car make yesterday?

2 × 4 = 8 trips.

8: 1 = 8 trips yesterday the car made 8 trips.

  1. If to store a butter you need 5 cups of 1 kilo, how many cups will be needed if there are 500 grams?
  2. Carpenters takes 5 days to make a set of room how long will 2 carpenters take.
  3. There are 25 students in a classroom and they are going to distribute 3 notebooks per student, how many notebooks will there be for each student?

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