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Examples of Intransitive Verbs

The verb intransitive , are those who can not master a direct object , because the action can not happen on someone or something. For example: missing, dancing, fighting.

50 Examples of Intransitive Verbs

  1. To sleep
  2. Walk
  3. Get sick
  4. To struggle
  5. To lie
  6. Nest
  7. Get in
  8. Walk
  9. Stink
  10. Sneeze
  11. To return
  12. Dance
  13. Lack
  14. Get out
  15. To joke
  16. Fail
  17. Upload
  18. Walk
  19. Shout out
  20. To sigh
  21. To sing
  22. Emigrate
  23. To work
  24. Trust
  25. To get
  26. To travel
  27. Detune
  28. Mourn
  29. Vote
  30. Examples of sentences with intransitive verbs
  31. In the following examples, the  intransitive verb  is marked in bold.
  32. I don’t know how he managed to  scream my last name.
  33. The birds  nested  in the backyard of my house.
  34. You have  advanced in the last few days.
  35. He can  dance  all night without getting tired.
  36. Don’t bother, they’re just  kidding .
  37. They always walk  together.
  38. He  sings  excellent, but does not know how to dance.
  39. They are not hiring .
  40. He is an excellent student,  excels  in all branches.
  41. After the trip, they  slept  for hours.
  42. Yesica and Maria tied  in the game.
  43. Got sick  a month ago
  44. The bicycle  entered  the court
  45. The dust  makes him  sneeze.
  46. There are three days until the premiere of the film
  47. I am sorry that you  fail  in your business.
  48. The plan  works  perfectly.
  49. He was speaking placidly and suddenly he began to  scream .
  50. His father emigrated  thirteen years ago.
  51. We will arrive  a little earlier than expected.
  52. Today we went to vote for mayor of New York

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