Examples of interrogative sentences with the verb to be

The verb to be, is one of the most important in the English language, it can act as an auxiliary and main verb, as well as being irregular in both the past and the present.

This verb means to be, to have or to be, it   can be found alone or be accompanied by a pronoun . The verb is conjugated as follows:

    • Yo soy.
    • You are.
    • He, She, It: Is.
    • We: Are.
    • They: Are.

For the past tense, they are conjugated as follows:

  • I, She, He, It: Was:
  • They, We, You: Were:

If you are learning English, you must learn to handle the verb to be very well, regardless of the verb in which you express any sentence.

65 Examples of interrogative sentences with the verb to be

Always remember that in English only a single question mark (?) Is used

  1. Are they brothers? (They are brothers?)
  2. Are we family? (We are Family?)
  3. Is she a student? (She is a student?)
  4. Is she your teacher? (Is she your teacher ?
  5. Is today Monday? (Today is Friday?)
  6. Is your father angry? (Is your father angry?)
  7. Is it a good documentary film? (Is it a good documentary ?)
  8. Is she in Europe? (Is she in Europe?).
  9. Is your mother sick today? (Is your mother sick today?
  10. Are they cousins? (They are cousins?)
  11. Am I a good son? (Am I a good son?)
  12. Am I a good wife
  13. Is it the blue sky? (The sky is blue?)
  14. Are the clothes in the washing machine? (Are the clothes in the washing machine?)
  15. Is my son at your house? (Is my son at your house ?)
  16. Is he from Spain? (He’s from Spain?)
  17. Are my parents still traveling? (Are my parents still traveling?)
  18. Is your daughter working at the Hospital? (Is your daughter working at the Hospital?)
  19. Is your mother-in-law annoying? (Is your mother-in-law annoying?)
  20. Are we co-workers? (Are we co-workers?
  21. Is your house red or blue? (Is your house red or blue?)
  22. Are you invited to Annie’s party? (Are you invited to Annie’s party?)
  23. Are you from Argentina? (You are from Argentina?)
  24. Is your husband a foreigner? (Is your husband a foreigner?
  25. Is she 40 years old? (She is 40 years old?)
  26. Are they from Venezuela? (They are from Venezuela?)
  27. Am I irresponsible? (Am I irresponsible?)
  28. Is that pretty girl your girlfriend? (Is that pretty girl your girlfriend?
  29. Am I crazy? (I’m crazy?)
  30. Are you as intelligent as your mother? (Are you as smart as your mother?)
  31. Am I the tallest an here? (Am I the tallest man here?)
  32. Is your husband home right now? (Is your husband home right now?)
  33. Is that your favorite music? (Is that your favorite music?)
  34. Is the dog sick? (The dog is sick?)
  35. Are we good at football? (Are we good at soccer?)
  36. Is she a good friend? (She is a good friend?)
  37. Are you Annie Parker? (Are you Annie Parker?)
  38. Are you hungry? (Are you hungry?
  39. Is your car brown? (Your brown car?)
  40. Is your hair curly? (Is your hair curly?)
  41. Are we from the same team? (Are we from the same team?)
  42. Is your mother in a bad mood? (Is your mother in a bad mood?)
  43. Is your house big? (Your house is big?)
  44. Is she your boyfriend’s sister? (Is she your boyfriend’s sister?)
  45. Is she friendly? (She is friendly?)
  46. Am I your sister? (I am your sister?)
  47. Are they Christians? (They are Christians?)
  48. Is she always funny? (Is she always funny?)
  49. Are you famous? (You are famous?)
  50. Are you very serious? (You are very serious?)
  51. Is she a trustworthy woman? (Is she a trustworthy woman ?)
  52. Are you pregnant? (You are pregnant?)
  53. Is it a sunny day? (It’s a sunny day?)
  54. Is your husband a smart man? (Is your husband a smart man?)
  55. Is your mother from Chile? (Is your mother from Chile?)
  56. Are you all light-eyed blondes? (Are they all light-eyed blondes?)
  57. Are all your cousins ​​tall? (Are all your cousins ​​tall?)
  58. Am I old? (I’m old?)
  59. Are he and she cousins? (Is he and she cousins?)
  60. Are these your favorite shoe? (Are these your favorite shoes?)
  61. Is Thomas happy? (Is Thomas happy?)
  62. Is your daughter excited for her birthday? (Is your daughter excited for her birthday?)
  63. Are he and Christian good students? (Are he and Christian good students?)
  64. Is he a bad neighbor? (Is he a bad neighbor?)
  65. Is the child at school? (Is the boy in school ?)

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