Examples of Internal Communication

The internal communication are the different forms that exist in a company to establish effective communication among employees. Many of the problems that arise in companies could be avoided if people communicated better.

Employees within a company must maintain communication, not only effective, but also harmonious so that the work environment is functional and pleasant.

Each company or organization will have its own internal communication methods, which it will surely modify as long as it manages to find the best way, the one that brings the greatest benefits.

Examples of internal communication

  • Surveys to assess employee satisfaction.
  • Reminders via e-mail.
  • Internal forums.
  • Conversations about topics of common interest.
  • Posters in strategic places of the company.
  • Important information through WhatsApp or Telegram groups.
  • Internal chat.
  • Corporate blog.
  • A social network of its own.

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