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Spanish-speaking countries enjoy many of the new series that come out today in our language, but despite this we are still far behind the new television series that are released and which do not follow traditional guidelines such as many other series. Surely many of you know Two and a Half Men or How I Met Your Mother, but it is very likely that you do not know series like Teen Wolf, Arrow or Beauty and the Beast. These series are current series that have barely reached our ears in countries such as Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. That is why we want to tell you something more about these series.

Teen wolf

Scott McCall , life was normal for him until one day walking with his friend Stiles through the forest in search of a body to help Stiles’s father who is a policeman, a strange event happens to him. Scott has just been bitten by a werewolf in the woods and cannot believe himself that this happened until he realizes his new powers.

With all this Scott will try to lead a normal life, something more than impossible considering that he is now part of a pack of werewolves. At the same time as all this he meets a surprising girl, Allison. You fight between alphas (werewolf head of a pack), betas, a very powerful avenging species, love, wolf hunters and a lot of mystery about the origin of these. An MTV series that you cannot miss if you like tension, mystery and superhuman things.


Oliver Queen , missing and believed dead for many years until he is rescued on a Pacific island. Oliver has spent 5 years on a desert island without any human company. In these 5 years Oliver has developed incredible skills with the bow, which was his main weapon to get food on that desert island.

When he returns to his city he tries to pretend what he used to be 5 years ago, but in reality he is totally another person. While trying to fix the mistakes of the past, he decides to clean his city of corruption by his own hand by creating a hooded vigilante dressed in green, who does not intend to stop before anyone.

Beauty and the beast

Catherine Chandler, an intelligent homicide detective who fights for justice, is once again inclined in that case that made her stay where she is, the murder of her mother when she was little and the salvation of Catherine by something strange. As much as they insisted that what saved “Cat” was an animal, deep down she knows that it is not like that and that what saved her that day was human. With this new case, he gets clues from his savior, a doctor who disappeared in the war in Afghanistan.

Many believed them dead and this was in their favor as it was part of an experiment by the United States to make super soldiers. His name is Vincent Keller and he now possesses superhuman gifts such as better smell, hearing and greater strength. Both will establish a relationship that “Cat” has not been able to establish with any other human. They are determined and they will not stop until they find out who the murderers of Catherine’s mother were.

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