Examples of Intelligence

The  intelligence is the ability you have to understand or comprehend something, it is important to note that may include different kinds of issues and this makes all people have a different kind of intelligence. It has long been believed that there was only one concept about intelligence. Now it has been discovered that there are other types and that is why we bring you the  examples of intelligence so that you understand and even know the kind of intelligence you have.

Which are?

We find different types of intelligence, something for you to keep in mind is that it was determined that there are  12 types of intelligence that have been used to better understand the way you understand things from different perspectives. Previously only 7 had been named, later two more were determined and finally it was left in that there are 12 so far.

  • Linguistic intelligence
  • It must be understood as the ability to master the language , not only that, but also has an excellent command of oral, written and signed. This being one of the most recognized intelligences.
  • Mathematical logical intelligence
  • It is the ability to reason and conceptualize the relationship between symbols and signs, they usually have extraordinary mental agility.
  • Spatial intelligence
  • It is the ability to observe objects from different distances, not only that but you can observe the world from different perspectives.
  • Musical Intelligence  It is the ability to create music in different ways, in addition to having the facility to learn to play all kinds of instruments.
  • Bodily and kinesthetic intelligence
  • This type of intelligence is understood as the ability to coordinate the body to perform all kinds of movements.
  • Intrapersonal intelligence:
  • The ability to understand feelings in their own way, that is, these people can immerse themselves in their feelings and understand them without any kind of problems, they are generally very logical people.
  • Interpersonal intelligence: 
  • It must be understood as the ability to understand and describe a person by means of signs, gestures, posture or way of speaking.
  • Emotional intelligence: 
  • It is the combination of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.
  • Naturalistic intelligence:
  • It must be understood as the ability to be interested in the planet as well as living beings .
  • Existential intelligence:
  • They are the people capable of being able to thoroughly analyze the reason for their existence.
  • Creative intelligence: 
  • We understand it as people who have the ability to renew things, create new ideas and constantly renew themselves.
  • Collaborative intelligence:
  • He is the one who can work together to achieve a common goal, always giving his best to become the leader .

Examples of intelligence

  1. Study of geometric figures
  2. Personal understanding of actions and decisions based on positive or negative results
  3. Respect for the needs of others
  4. Respect and understanding for adverse opinions
  5. Development of group evaluations and integration with other members in a positive way
  6. Ability to capture the expression of other people’s emotions
  7. Pay full attention to who is talking to yoUnderstand feelings and generate empathy with someone else’s problems
  8. Quick interpretation of non-verbal expressions
  9. Know the social rules that govern the environment where you operate
  10. Show interest in others
  11. Serve others
  12. Help third parties in unfavorable situations
  13. Respect the time of others
  14. Comply with assigned tasks

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