Examples of input and output devices

The devices are definable regimes, with their variations and transformations. They present lines of force that cross thresholds based on which they are aesthetic, scientific, political, etc. When the force in a device, instead of entering into a linear relationship with another force, turns on itself and is affected, it is not a question of knowledge or power, but a process of individuation relative to groups or people that is withdrawn from the relations of forces established as constituted knowledge.

THE INPUT / OUTPUT DEVICES are those that allow communication between the computer and the user.They examples of devices for input / output are: modem, fax, usb, router, touchscreen.
INPUT DEVICES are those that serve to introduce data to the computer for its process. Data is read from the devices of input and stored in the central or internal memory. The devices of input converted information into electrical signals that are stored in the central memory.

They examples of devices of input are: keyboard, mouse, joystick, stylus, microphone, webcam, scanner.

OUTPUT DEVICES are those that allow to represent the results (output) of the data process.
Examples of output devices

They are: screen, speaker, headphones, printer, plotter, projector.

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