Examples of innovative educational projects

Educational projects

An educational project is about an improvement presentation to be able to benefit a certain area and update specific points. In the educational area, new technologies have greatly benefited this area thanks to their innovative digital tools.

In order to solve gaps in this area, cover a certain area or implement solutions, these innovative educational projects are created through the use of didactic resources to help students better understand the study topics.

There are several projects that have been very innovative today and have benefited the growth of education in the world. That is why in this space we will give you all the information you need to know regarding these innovative projects.

Examples of innovative educational projectsKiva

It is a very innovative educational project that has yielded 90% effectiveness in educational centers. This project seeks to reduce and act preventively against bulling.

With this project, it implements indicators that measure the level of both bullying and cyberbullying present in the classrooms through the different behaviors of the students within the classrooms.

Once the levels of harassment have been determined, it perceives the conflictive situations and determines the tools and mechanisms that should be used in dealing with it. This project involves the entire environment, from the student, teachers, to representatives.

  1. AporTICs

It is a project that has been in charge of the compilation of videos and educational tutorials that students of different educational levels have carried out.

  1. Science lab

It is a project of study, knowledge, learning and approach to science allowing direct and didactic contact with children from 4 years old. While subjects such as biology or chemistry are taught in traditional education to high school youth, this project facilitates direct encounters, stimulating children’s curiosity.

Through experiments, children learn interesting things such as why water boils or where the sun goes when it sets, and many other things. This project created in Germany, today has been developed in various countries worldwide.

  1. Avanti Fellow

It is an educational project that arises from India due to the separation and wide gap in terms of inequality, between the public and private educational sector. It is because of this that many students in the public sector do not have as much ease of entry to higher studies as those in the private school.

To attack this problem, this project is created that helps guide students with the help of a network of social workers and teachers. In this sense, they supervise the development of the young person until the objective is achieved.

  1. Kitbox

It is a toolbox that contributes by facilitating the work of the teacher and the educational counselor. Similarly, it contributes to the optimization of resources used in the classroom.

This toolbox includes proposals, guides and dynamic orientations that allow an optimized work in the classrooms. In this sense, it not only helps the teacher or teacher but also contributes to the stimulation and reinforcement of the guidance work as well as the encouragement of the students.

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