Examples of injury


It is an action carried out by a person or a group of people against another or others with the purpose of discrediting, defrauding or belittling them. From a legal point of view, injury is considered a crime.

The meaning of injury in the Latin term refers to everything that goes against reason and justice . We can say then that injury is about any act of action that is directed against a person, injuring and damaging their self-esteem and reputation in front of third parties.

From the legal point of view, when referring to injury to honor , it is an expression that goes beyond grammatical significance since it is considered a quality of moral character.

Examples of injury

  1. Pedro accuses Juan of having taken some objects from the company to his house, when in fact he did not.
  2. María tells her friends that Julia is dating another man and is unfaithful to her husband, when it is false.
  3. Classmates choose not to speak to a certain group because they say they are misbehavior and asocial, when in reality they are low income and do not have an acceptable social position.
  4. Pablo accuses Julio in the classroom that he takes away the colors and pencils that they leave in the classroom, being a false accusation.
  5. Martha says at work that Julián is a bad person and likes to speak behind the back of others being an insult.
  6. Mauricio says on the networks that Juan is bad pay and very conflictive so that everyone knows, this being a false accusation.
  7. At work, the lady on duty tells the reception office that Pablo is irresponsible and that he likes to speak ill of people.
  8. In the residence Juana has been in charge of saying that Carlos is a bad neighbor and treats others badly.
  9. María made a video where she publicly accused Paula for lack of commitment to work and college.
  10. Mario’s co-worker has said in a meeting that Juan is a bad worker and does not do his job well, these being false accusations.

For an act of injury to be considered as such, it must have aspects such as:

  • It must be a harmful act
  • It must be public within a certain social group
  • Attribution of determined facts.
  • Profanity
  • Actions that belittle or minimize
  • Denigrating comparisons
  • Unjustified teasing
  • Formulation of value judgments.

Injuries can be classified into two types , namely:

  • Of a public nature: in this case, the author of the injury is responsible for spreading false information through the various media and social networks in order to cause as much damage as possible.
  • No advertising: these are the type of insults that are direct, that is, they are not publicized or disseminated to others.

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