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Examples of Informed Consent

Informed consent is defined as the information document that is used to invite people to participate in a research since the objective of informed consent is to authorize a person to participate in a study and can also use the information obtained during the research to the elaboration of an analysis.

10 Examples of Informed Consent

  1. The objective of the research is to know what the problem of urban cleaning is.
  2. The study must propose a questionnaire with a series of questions to assess the situation.
  3. How to select the people who will do the work. These must be selected from the coordination with the prior consent of the chief of staff.
  4. The number of people should be 5 to 10 people corresponding to the research department.
  5. The time required for people to answer the questionnaire should be 10-15 minutes.
  6. Benefits and risks The selected personnel will not run any type of risk, but they will obtain a good benefit both for them and for the people of the entire community, since they will prevent contamination from continuing to advance.
  7. There will be a good compensation through the company if they manage to improve the situation with urban cleaning.
  8. Confidentiality must be respected since the name of the report cannot be used in any report when the results are made public.
  9. If some of the selected people want to get away from the investigation, they can do so without any problem.
  10. In case they find people interested in knowing more about the investigation, they can communicate directly with the company’s chief of staff or with one of the selected workers.
  11. At the time of delivering the report, it must be signed by all participants and sealed by the company.

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