Examples of industrial companies

The industrial enterprises are organizations that have the ability to transform the raw material , through various processing in consumer products to people or to perform different activities.

These companies are associated by people, economic capital and technological activities that specialize in different processes to achieve a certain production, which will then be commercialized.

20 examples of industrial companies

  • Petrobras. It is characterized by being a mixed industrial company, where its capital is mostly state-owned, however, it has foreign private investors. They are in charge of carrying out activities that extract and transport oil and natural gas, for gas stations and some plants that work with fertilizers.
  • The Coca Cola Company . It is a company that works in food processing, to finally offer people sugary and carbonated drinks and also bottled water.
  • Royal Dutch Shell . This company is in charge of marketing petroleum products . It has a wide variety of brands of lubricants for vehicles such as Penzoil, Shell or Quacker State, which can be found at many gas stations in many countries.
  • Ford Motor Company . It is arguably one of the largest vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. It has a huge production of trucks, cars and heavy trucks. Among its brands are the Ford, Mercury and Lincoln, among others.
  • The Bimbo Group . It is an industry that produces bread, sweets, cakes and snacks, among its most prominent brands are Barcel, Marinela, Bimbo and Ricolino.
  • Panasonic Corp . It is a multimodal industrial company , since it is a manufacturer of various products such as computers, batteries, televisions, electronic equipment, telephones, household appliances and semiconductors, among others.
  • Domecq . It stands out for being one of the best wine-growing industries, due to its production of wines and brandies.
  • Daewoo . It is a multimodal company that comes from South Korea, its high quality and its wide variety of industrial products are found in all parts of the world. Among them are, automobiles, electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, household appliances, construction materials, extraction of raw materials, shipyards for the manufacture of ships, metallurgy, computer equipment and also carry out activities related to banking services, hotel management and financial
  • Bayer AG . Among the pharmaceutical industries, this is one of the largest in the world. It excels at manufacturing aspirin, pain relievers, antibiotics, and other medications for various specific diseases. They are also manufacturers of fertilizers and insecticides.
  • Michelin . It is fully dedicated to the manufacture of tires for automobiles, heavy machinery, racing cars, trucks and bicycles.
  • John Deere . It is a company that has dedicated itself to generating efficiency and new revenue models in digital transformation. Its sale of machinery offers farmers various digital services to warn about the weather and other advice related to the crop.
  • Nestle S. A . It is an agri-food company widely recognized throughout the world. It produces an extensive range of products that involve quality and nutritional effects, where chocolate and dairy products stand out.
  • Colgate – Palmolive . This global company promotes and offers important products for the health and protection of consumers, as they stand out in the area of ​​personal hygiene, oral and in a wide variety of cleaning products.
  • IBM (International Business Machines) . It is entirely focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of a vast array of tools, programs, and services that are directly related to computing. It is one of the first companies to create a standard PC model that can run on Windows.
  • Samsung . It is among the largest and highest-producing companies in the world. This South Korean company is currently the best electronic reference, since it is dedicated to the manufacture of tablets, smartphones and a variety of high-quality and prestigious home appliance products.
  • Flowmaster . It is a company that has been dedicated to the development of automotive exhausts, with a greater variety of high- tech accessories and quality in its performance for all types of vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Lego . It is a well-known company, for its art in the manufacture of toys. His best known production for many years is the creation of building blocks. Currently they also have a line of educational products for preschoolers, robotic toys and other educational games.
  • Nokia . This multinational communications and technology company, which is mainly responsible for the manufacture of mobile phones with a high level of leadership.
  • Rolls – Royce . Its development within the industrial competition, has managed to raise the expectations of the company, since they use sensors of the highest quality to control the operation of the engines of their vehicles.
  • BMW . BMW manufacturers have managed to integrate a production process in their company, this is due to its high performance in the assembly of one of the best vehicles that are currently on the market.

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