Examples of inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

It is a method originated from the mix between the techniques used in marketing and non-intrusive advertising in order to contact a specific customer at the beginning of their purchase process and to follow up until the end of it.

This type of methodology is based mainly on attracting prospects in order to interact with and stimulate customers in order to promote the growth and development of the company, providing added value and generating trust in the customer.

With the development and evolution of technology, the Inbound method has been in charge of laying the foundations so that humanity can be maintained in dealing with the client. It is a method that despite being long-term, has proven to be quite effective, since as long as the customer is treated well and helped in their purchasing process, the benefits to the company will always be greater.

Among the advantages of this type of tool we can highlight:

  • It generates an increase in the contacts that qualify the marketing.
  • It generates an increase in registrations.
  • Increase the visits received on the website.

Inbound Marketing Examples

1.    Taco Bell

It is one of the main companies that has known how to use and manage social networks. Your visit to your accounts, especially Twitter is a visual walk. His gift and his creative posts catch you and urge you to want to be in his places and eat his food.

2.    Netflix

Inspired by the philosophy of Inbound Marketing, this company has managed to build an entire empire through the entertainment business, completely changing the concept of television at home. Its series and films together with its presentation and platform make this company without a doubt one of the first in this method.

3.    GoPro

The YouTube channel owned by this prestigious manufacturer of professional cameras is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, in its market. Despite the fact that nowadays anyone can take photos with their mobile device, GoPro has been commissioned through its presentation on the internet, to make the purchase of its product mandatory.

The videos that this camera shows us on its YouTube account are, without a doubt, the best and most surprising videos. Although your advertising is not intrusive, the content you share is content that your viewers will share and enjoy immensely.

4.    Listerine

This brand has made a lot of progress and made money from its customers thanks to its innovative proposal launched on the market known as the “listerine 21 days” challenge. The challenge consisted in buying a brand product and saving the invoice, then he had to register on the brand’s page with the invoice data and his personal data and participate in various activities such as videos, surveys, games, among others.

After the challenge was over, the winner was rewarded with a completely free oral cleaning, and a card with 50 euros. This allowed the brand to attract customers and gather information in order to update its database.

5.    Spotify

This digital platform allows its users access to thousands and thousands of songs, however you want them and how you search for them. The personalization of your emails is, without a doubt, the fundamental basis of the love and attachment that its users have for it.

This platform is responsible for sending emails that are only interesting content among its users. Even the same platform sends its users emails updating them and bringing them up to date with music trends.

This generates trust and loyalty in its users thanks to the understanding of the platform with the tastes of everyone who uses the application.

6.    BBVA

This bank has changed the way users see banks. With its personalized channel, this company has developed an excellent strategy through its blog highlighting its high-value content more than its products and services.

The message that this bank transmits is not directed at its products and services, its focus goes to the needs associated with the area in which they specialize, the banking.

7.    Nestlé

This food company through its original infographics has penetrated each of its customers and those who have not, prompting them to want to purchase and consume their products. Through this strategy, employed in the Inbound Marketing method they have fallen in love and hooked their users.

8.    Adidas

This prestigious brand has developed an application providing a personal training coach when and when you need it. Wherever you are, this application aimed at your target offers a wide variety of workouts and a list of products that you can use for greater comfort.

9.    Free Market

His strategy focuses on the emotions of the buyers. They realized that telling a story is worth much more than selling their services and products directly. An excellent strategy that has penetrated its users by growing its platform.

10. Always

Through its inspiring and useful content focused on female empowerment, this brand has managed to penetrate and grow in the market. Through their website you can find useful and important information and an invitation and direct link to their YouTube channel.

Through its various platforms, it has tips and tutorials for women as well as a calculator to keep your menstrual period in order. It is a company that has been in charge of working in direct contact with its users and clients, putting both their person and their feelings first.

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