Examples of In-Kind Remuneration

A salary or compensation in kind is a way of providing additional goods or services to an employee. This additional benefit to the salary must be regulated by the corresponding entity. It must be known how often the rewards in kind will be received and what they consist of.

Not all products or services can be considered for compensation in kind. To begin with, the salary should not exceed 30% of the total salary. The cash salary must be the minimum stipulated. To do this, they must meet the following requirements :

    • The remuneration must be convertible into money.
    • Have a price below normal in the market.
    • It must be for personal consumption.
    • Be awarded to an individual worker.
    • It must be in the contract that the worker signs at the beginning of the work period.

All remuneration must be contemplated in the labor regulations according to the sector. So that the employee will know at all times what are the benefits that he will receive for his work.

Examples of payments in kind

  • Company transport
  • Dining room
  • Actions of the company
  • Home purchase or home rental payment
  • Company car
  • Health insurance
  • Support payments
  • Subscriptions for worker training
  • Pension plan
  • Nursery for the children
  • Company cell phone
  • Buy products through company credits

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