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Examples of Identity

The identity can be defined as a set of features within the personality of each individual or a social group and that have certain characteristics in relation to how they are perceived by others.

These traits also serve as elements that shape the image that each person has of themselves , and helps them to see what it is that makes them different from the rest. Some of these characteristics can be hereditary, that is, they are transmitted from parents to children on a physical level, however, there are other factors just as important such as society , the environment in which each person grows up.

Identity is being formed in each individual from the moment they are born , within their family, in their community , territory; and in fact, this process never ends. The so-called “edges” make each person what they are and determine what they will decide to do with their life, according to their interests, goals, dreams and more.

15 Identity Examples

  1. Cultural identity
  2. National identity
  3. Personal identity
  4. Sexual or gender identity
  5. The language (s) he speaks
  6. The customs and traditions of a community is part of its identity
  7. The way a person acts and treats others
  8. The way of dressing
  9. The way to proceed
  10. Things you like and don’t like
  11. Religion
  12. Politic ideology
  13. Ethnic origin
  14. Position in a company or industry
  15. Family relationship status
  16. Relationship with others
  17. Ways to pass the time

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