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Examples of humility


Humility is a virtue of the human being and that is highly valued today, basically it is about being aware of one’s own weaknesses and strengths and acting accordingly in all aspects of life; this implies:

  • not having a superb attitude towards others
  • not have superiority or greatness complexes

The humble person does not feel the need to be trumpeting everyone about their achievements, much less belittling others regardless of whether they are objectively better or worse at something. A humble person does not have a superb personality; Despite the professional or economic achievements that are being achieved, being arrogant and showing excessive pride is avoided and on the contrary, humility allows people to demonstrate a much more serene, modest and down-to-earth attitude as it is colloquially said. .

It is important to note that being a humble person does not mean that you lower yourself or that other people take advantage of you, it is knowing how to maintain yourself in a dignified way without making anyone feel less, this is one of the most appreciated values ​​in our current society As we said before and it is due to the same fact that the media and other factors stimulate excessive individual development, reaching self-centeredness.

Humility is a term that is also used to refer to members of a social group with low economic conditions, low resources and with greater difficulties in the socio-economic aspect.

Examples of humility

  1. A person who recognizes those who helped him achieve an award.
  2. Treat others as equals, without overvaluing or belittling anyone.
  3. Help others regardless of position or social and economic position.
  4. Recognize your own weaknesses to admit that something cannot be done.
  5. A person who has achieved success but is not telling everyone at all times.
  6. Act as an equal in front of others in terms of rights.
  7. Help others without expecting anything in return
  8. Perform favors always expecting the welfare of the other person, without harming their own humanity
  9. Be attentive to older people
  10. Recognize that we are all part of everyone at a certain moment
  11. Accept that you can never do everything at the same time and without help from anyone
  12. Carry out a certain work task always with good spirit and disposition regardless of the position you have.
  13. Help those who need it
  14. Speak sincerely but without hurting anyone
  15. Be grateful to the people who help you

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