Examples of humanistic texts

Humanistic texts

They are the types of texts that are responsible for disseminating the human sciences. His relationship with scientific texts is broad since both cover the space of science . His study covers various areas of science such as anthropology, political science , history, philosophy, logic, psychology , among others.

Its applicability covers the sociolingü area istica directly related to human knowledge and human thought from the philosophical aspect. His study takes care of areas such as:

  • Story
  • Artistic expression
  • Social knowledge
  • Man thinking
  • Linguistic knowledge

This type of text has well-defined and well-defined characteristics that we will mention below:

  • The thought of an abstract nature is fixed and reflected
  • The vocabulary used or employed in this type of text is polysemic and connotative.
  • The formulas used are vocative and similar in order to capture the reader’s attention.
  • The forms of verbal character that predominate in this type of text are of the present and subjunctive type
  • The preference in the case of the use of the third person in the singular, is direct and present.
  • The tendency to the impersonal is constant and continuous.

The genres used in the discourse are always the exposition and the argumentation , however, in the story the description and the narration predominate with greater emphasis The main functions in language are the appeal or exhortation and referential.

The predominant style in humanistic texts when it comes to being didactic and informative is simplicity as well as clarity. On the other hand, by way of example, in essays, literary expressiveness is generally used.

Examples of humanistic texts

  1. The quran
  2. The Digest
  3. The Code of Hammurabi
  4. Napoleon’s Civil Code
  5. The Bible
  6. The prince of Machiavelli
  7. History of the French Revolution
  8. History of the industrial revolution
  9. Constitution of the United States of North America
  10. Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  11. The Open Veins of Latin America
  12. Emmanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
  13. The utopia of tomas moro
  14. The life of Karl Marx
  15. History of art

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