Examples of human rights

Those rights that all human beings have, that right to exist, where we must respect them in order to create ideal conditions for all human beings and to live with dignity in an environment of freedom, peace and, of course, justice.

All human beings have the right to life, to have freedom of expression and to think individually and collectively for a good, we also have the rights to cultivate ourselves in the topics that we are most passionate about, to have a home, to participate in social and cultural activities. and everything that encompasses human rights.

There are articles on human rights that are fundamental and unbreakable, today we want to share them with you, as we consider that they are of vital importance for everyone.

16 Human rights

It should be noted that these rights, both political and civil, should open the door for all individuals to exercise this in an environment of equality and respect, where everything happens freely and with dignity.

  • Right to life: Every human being has the right to live in a free and safe way, there is in no way any right to deprive another human being of life, despite all the debate that still exists in certain countries.
  • Right to non-discrimination: Every human being, of any gender, will have the right to non-discrimination, a fact that is difficult to eradicate, but that little by little awareness of it has been made.
  • Right not to be tortured or harmed: In no way should human beings be terrorized with such aggressive actions.
  • Right not to be enslaved or enslaved: It is a complex issue, as there are countries where this type of practice is taken to the extreme, but the human right not to be enslaved or subjected has already been integrated for many years in these articles, where they declare that no person should go through this situation.
  • Right not to be detained without reason: No one can detain or take you away without prior notice and without any reason.
  • Right to privacy: Despite the harsh laws that have been in place throughout the internet recently, where the right to privacy has been fundamental, since these companies collect all kinds of information for private purposes.
  • Right to presumption of innocence
  • Right to circulate, find a place and be nationalized
  • Right to freedom of thought, opinion, expression, conscience, religion: Tolerance and respect will allow that expression of opinion to exist freely, where all people can express their thoughts and feelings in a respectful way.
  • Right to participate in politics: We can have the right to vote for whoever we want, this is free and secret, an exercise of democracy for the good of a country, state, city, etc.
  • Right to food: All human beings have the right to lead a healthy life, to feed ourselves according to our needs.
  • Right to education: Regardless of ideals, nationality, religion, etc. All human beings have the right to education.
  • Right to Health: One of the most important, since we have the right to live in a healthy way, to have the help of medical care from professionals who take care of health problems.
  • Right to housing: Although it is complicated, we all have the right to housing, it would have to be much more accessible to get it, in order to protect the family and all the people who are on the streets.
  • Right to science and culture: We have the right to enter libraries, theaters, museums, all cultural areas, receive scientific advances and begin to use them to live with integrity and more simply.
  • Right to work and rest: It is true that we must work, in one way or another, an honest job must be obtained for human development. Of course, there must be a break, as the well-being and health of all people must also be placed.

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