Examples of Human Resources Functions

All employees within a company as well as government institutions have a human resources department and this is a very important issue to take into account, as it is one of the most sought after positions and at the same time, it must be considered that many People are unaware of their  functions,  so for this opportunity we have chosen to talk about some  examples of human resources functions and in this way you will understand this topic better. Although they have many tasks, we have to consider that we find ourselves with main tasks, which you will not be able to stop taking into account.

Examples of Human Resources Functions

Investigation:  They are in charge of recruiting each of the candidates who send their applications daily, this they do under a very rigorous investigation process, verifying from their criminal records, letters of recommendation, among other things that speak about the profile of the candidate to work in the company or government agency.

Support and induction:  Those who have joined the team need support as well as familiarize both the position and members with whom they will have to work on a daily basis. They take care that you are part of the work team directly and indirectly.

Initial training:  Everyone who enters work will have to have advice so that they have the correct knowledge of their position. Take into account that this is main in government agencies and usually last from a week to a month.

Constant training:  Some changes are important in many companies, so this is something that is a common part when it is called “constant”.

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