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Examples of human geography

Human geography is a branch of geography or at least officially it is considered as one, it focuses on social groups, societies and the way they interact and where they develop and all this seen from a different perspective than geography Traditional, you can focus on the natural environments in which some societies live and how they evolve over the years.

This branch of geography is based on the fact that the human being is a fundamental part of large social groups and that they have repercussions in such a way that they create a physical environment that is undergoing changes both in the way in which its members live and interact and the territory in which they live, other factors are also taken into account, such as the needs and interests of said society and that influence the changes and evolution of these social groups and their environments. Human geography can be divided into three types which are: the geography of the population, the geography of human activities and the geography of the settlements.

Human geography uses different methods than geography in general as we know it, there are qualitative and quantitative methods such as surveys, statistical analysis and even history and anthropology. We must also take into account that there are other branches within the same human geography such as cultural geography which studies the relationship between humans and their natural environments, urban geography focuses on groups of people who usually meet at specific points of society, rural geography studies everything within this context, that is, societies within rural environments, agrarian systems, the areas they occupy, their strengths and weaknesses, and other forms of interaction,health of people living within a certain territory.

Examples of human geography:

  1. Demographic studies.
  2. Social geography sociology.
  3. Rural geography agronomy.
  4. Urbanism and architecture.
  5. Human ecology.

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