Examples of How to Write a Report

A report is a document that contains results, analysis and data that are reported from a work already done. A report is a way of summarizing what has been done with direct and concise information, in order to inform the recipient without delaying the matter, as is done in a full research project.

The reports can be developed from a technical, scientific, commercial or business point of view. These are texts that will give an account of the results of an experiment or investigation.

The objective of the reports is to provide information that facilitates the understanding of some work carried out.

Example of how to write a report

Structure of a report:

Cover page

  • Report title. It should state in detail what is discussed in the report.
  • Logo of the company or organization that issues or to which the report is addressed
  • Name of the author or authors (first surname, then men) of the department of the corresponding company.
  • Place and date the report is presented.


Introduction. There should be everything the reader will find on the following pages.

Body. All the development of the report: data, images, diagrams and everything necessary to explain the information.

Conclusions. It expresses the vision, often subjective, of the authors of the report regarding the results obtained.


  • Author (first the last name followed by a comma, then the first names)
  • Title of the work (underlined and with a full stop)
  • Edition number (with a comma at the end)
  • Location (name the city where the report is made, followed by a comma)
  • Publisher name (followed by a comma)
  • Edition date (the year is placed with a period at the end)

Report writing tips:

  1. Choose your objective well: What data should be included to explain the topic well.
  2. Be clear and descriptive – you need to think about the people who will read the report. Generally the reports are intended for people who will understand the data reported there, however, it is necessary to be very explicit.
  3. Make a list of the issues that need to be captured in the report: the idea of ​​the report is to summarize all the data of a job, therefore, you should try not to ignore any important information.
  4. Use references: in addition to referring to the data that have been investigated on your own, it is also necessary to support what has been said by experts so that it has greater validity.
  5. Respect the basic structure of a report.

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