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Examples of How to Write a Formal Complaint

A formal complaint is defined as the written statement that other people make about a problem asking that they please take appropriate action.

The formal complaint is used when the situation is serious and requires intervention from the authorities.

10 Examples of How to Write a Formal Complaint

  1. When the payment is late.
  2. Having to endure annoying noises.
  3. For bad service.
  4. For the bank.
  5. From a student or representative to a teacher.
  6. Before the notes office.
  7. For an improper charge.
  8. When returning some money.
  9. When there are strong problems with a co-worker.
  10. When making price increases.
  11. When the doctor does medical malpractice.
  12. By not being treated as it should in an institution.
  13. Upon receiving a defective item.
  14. South office.

Main street number 4

Caracas, May 25, 2019.

Mrs. Carmen Méndez

Human resources director.

Dear lady, through the following letter of complaint, I want to state my situation with co-worker Luisa López, since for a month certain discussions have been taking place with her and they are getting stronger every day.

I do not want to resign from my position since I have been doing my job well for several years without any inconvenience, but with Mrs. López I have not been able to make her understand that I am the direct boss since she does not want to follow orders or comply with the established norms. For I thank you for making a good decision and things are arranged in the best way.

   Without more to say, Pablo Ovalle kindly says goodbye.

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