Examples of How to calculate square meters

The square meter (m²) is basically a unit of measurement, it is used to measure areas or two-dimensional objects such as a door, wall, or a room.

4 Examples of How to calculate square meters

  1. Calculate square meters of a rectangle.

To obtain the (m²) of a rectangular space, take a tape measure and measure the width and height of the space to be calculated. Then both quantities are multiplied and the square meters of the surface are obtained as a result.

  1. Calculate square meters for a right triangle.

To measure the (m²) of an area of ​​this type such as a triangle , you must multiply the total length and then divide the result by two.

  1. Calculate square meters for an irregular rectangle.

If you want to obtain the (m²) of an irregular rectangle, you have to convert an irregular triangle into regular triangles and then calculate them.

It is important to draw a line from any edge of the triangle to the opposite edge in such a way that the line cuts that space of the triangle creating an angle of 90 °. Then the same process for right triangles is used.

  1. Calculate square meters of a disk or circle.

To measure the (m²) of a circle it is important to divide the circle into two equal halves. Next, a line must be drawn in the middle creating a right triangle. It should be, measure the area of ​​the circle by means of the radius of the circle, and finally multiply by two.

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