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Examples of How to break the ice on facebook

Facebook users use this social network for different purposes. Sharing photos with relatives, promoting a business or keeping in touch with people who live abroad are some of them. To those mentioned we must add that of meeting people, either with the intention of establishing a friendship or sentimental relationship.

There are many different people on Facebook, which allows us to choose who to try to establish a relationship with. However, there are also disadvantages, since no matter how many photos you have, you are still a stranger to that person we want to relate to, but with whom we have not even crossed paths. This can cause misgivings and complicate the process of establishing a relationship.

Here are some examples of what can be tried to overcome this suspicion:

Having friends in common
We can get in contact with someone for the first time by sending them a friend request or by sending them a message. In either case, it is a good idea to have friends in common. This can make things easier, since if you are friends with one of your friends, surely misgivings such as the possibility that you are talking to a maniac will at least diminish.

Don’t go overboard with compliments
In the case of sending him a message to initiate contact and we compliment him too much, he may think that we have some hidden interest, apart from that it may be cloying to him. That doesn’t mean we can’t tell you something good. On the contrary, if we are measured, a compliment can improve your disposition.

Mention a common place in which you have worked or studied
If you have studied or worked in the same place as the person with whom we want to interact, it should be mentioned, since this can lower your misgivings because having shared the same area of ​​studies or work increases familiarity.

These are some of the examples that can be useful to get in touch with someone on Facebook. It should be mentioned, however, that there is no advice that is going to ensure success, since a large part of the success may depend on factors over which we have no control.

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