Examples of Household Employee Payroll

Household employee payroll is defined as the legal process that is mandatory since it is the only way to legally receive income. This applies to all the contractual conditions of domestic workers.

The household employee payroll makes the procedures easier at the time of any type of hiring. When a payroll does not have its concepts detailed well, it can be considered invalid.

10 Examples of Household Employee Payroll

  1. The employment relationship must always be in writing, otherwise the employer is responsible and failure to comply with the established standards may be sanctioned.
  2. The household maid system has as a rule to quote well to its employees so that they receive a good salary for doing housework such as: ironing, washing, cooking, gardening, taking care of children or the sick.
  3. In the case of dismissing an employee, the employer must justify the dismissal, the date on which it is carried out and its causes.
  4. When an employee works less than the hours that are stipulated, the employer must take into account the hours and the employee’s performance in order to pay him his fair share.
  5. An employer who is not satisfied with the performance or work performed by the employee must be informed in writing.
  6. Employees cannot be paid below a good salary, since when an employee renders his services well this must be taken in how much.
  7. The overtime must be paid separately by the employer since when the contract was made, only the hours of labor compliance were stipulated.
  8. Employees must respect the rules that are outlined in the household employee’s payroll and that he has signed agreeing to do so.
  9. The contribution bases must also exist for both the employer and the employee.
  10. It is important to provide proof of payment each time the employee cancels the employee’s month.

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