Examples of honesty


Honesty is a quality of the human being ; This quality can be considered as one of the many ways in which people can express themselves in a totally authentic, sincere and coherent way . It can carry other qualities, although in general the sense of justice and coherence are relevant, that is, it refers to the way in which it is expressed verbally and also in the way of thinking and the actions of the person.

This quality also emphasizes the respect that people have towards others , rights and always acting based on the truth , for example not having hidden intentions towards other people, speaking with sincerity as well as not taking advantage of possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities that other people may have in certain situations, all this makes a person can be seen as honest.

Great influence for the development of this series of virtues comes from parents, family and society, although the example that an individual can give others with their actions is also relevant.

An honest person does not hide things, never takes something without borrowing, does not commit to do something that he will not be able to fulfill later, this quality is essential in a relationship with a partner, a friendship, also between members of a family and society in general. since this generates trust that in turn helps to create an environment of peace and healthy coexistence within a community .

Examples of honesty

  1. Returning the wallet that someone dropped on the street.
  2. Do not cheat during an exam.
  3. Recognize when we make mistakes.
  4. Not claiming someone else’s work as your own.
  5. Return the borrowed money on time.
  6. Report the existence of public places that do not have emergency exits.
  7. Accept when you lose and know how to recognize the victory of a rival.
  8. Clarify all the points of a contract to an employee, without omitting any important details.
  9. Don’t download movies illegally.
  10. Avoid speaking ill of a person and more in the event that the person is not there. Say things up front without hiding, always with respect.

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