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Examples of Hobby

Definition of Hobby

Hobby is a word of English origin, whose meaning refers to a hobby or the performance of a certain activity that allows the person to relax, de-stress and get out of the everyday life. In this sense, we can say that hobby is an Anglicism since it is a word that defines the same concept in both English and Spanish.

That is why we must point out that a hobby refers to an activity that involves a certain time of the day and that is not considered an obligation, since it is an action that is carried out in order to enjoy an activity that is not generally done. frequently.

In the same vein, it is necessary to point out that a hobby is an activity that is done with great pleasure, something that the person does in order to get out of the everyday life and lose himself for a moment in something that he is really passionate about. . It should be noted that although a hobby is not considered as work, it can have a certain affinity with the tasks that we perform as jobs.

Those people who dedicate themselves to carrying out an activity simply because they like it are known as amateurs, however, if this action is carried out constantly until they become professionals doing this work, then they are facing a profession. That is why in many cases an activity can be considered both a hobby and a profession, according to its characteristics.

Characteristics of a hobby

  • It is an activity that takes place in free time.
  • The person is passionate while doing it.
  • There is no type of pressure since it is done with pleasure.
  • It does not have a schedule. It is done when the person wants it.
  • It is an activity that causes tranquility, peace and happiness in the person .

Examples of hobby

  1. The carpentry. For that person who enjoys carving wood and makes pieces that he later gives away or sells.
  2. Those people who dedicate themselves to taking care of the garden of their house in a laborious way.
  3. People who embroider during their free time.
  4. Those people who make desserts to share with their families, friends or loved ones.
  5. Those who play an instrument for fun.
  6. People who are excited about cooking and during their free time make food or prepare food for their family, friends or acquaintances.
  7. Riding a bicycle.
  8. Ride a motorbike.
  9. Walk during the afternoons.
  10. Go fishing.
  11. Read good books.
  12. Caring for abandoned animals and then donating them.
  13. Contemplate the sunsets.
  14. Contemplate the moonlight and the stars.
  15. Have a coffee while reading a good book.
  16. Go to the cinema.
  17. Share in the evenings with friends while having a meal.
  18. Skateboarding in the park or plaza alone.
  19. Go skateboarding and perform stunts in the park.

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