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Examples of histrionic personality

Histrionic personality

It is a disorder that psychologically affects the personality of a human being. With this type of disorder, the person desperately seeks to capture the attention of other people. The origin of this type of disorder cannot be determined, however, it has been concluded that the way parents treat, education and upbringing have a lot to do with its evolution and development.

This constant search for acceptance and attention can come from excessive treatment and constant consent towards children, causing them to always want to attract the attention of their parents, feel jealousy or rivalry for people who believe that they are stealing their attention or simply generating a fight to regain lost attention.

It is common to see these types of people employ different types of strategies . They may tend to be seductive or on the contrary play the victim. When it comes to seductive behavior , we are generally talking about people who are generally valued positively. In this sense, they are very well treated socially , they have quality and very good treatment of others and when they are no longer taken into account, in order to attract attention again, they show susceptibility and victimization , implying how little valued they are.

Histrionic personality characteristics

  • They are exaggerated when treating others, even reaching inappropriate seduction.
  • They get carried away by what others think about her or him.
  • They worry excessively about their personality and physical appearance
  • The emotions they feel lead them to excess, from positive to negative.
  • In the face of criticism from other people, they are generally very affected .
  • They exaggerate the relationship situation. They make them much more intense when they are actually superficial.
  • They blame others for their failures and misfortunes
  • They tend to constantly change their mood.
  • They always seek to be the center of attention.
  • It is a disease that has no cure.
  • It is treated with medications and therapy.

Examples of histrionic personality

  1. When in a group, one of the members always seeks to attract attention by doing something different.
  2. Maria always in the living room tries to make jokes so that everyone will pay attention to them.
  3. When Juan plays soccer, he always seeks to score and when he does, he always waits for everyone’s approval.
  4. Pedro leads a group of workers and when they don’t pay attention to him he always feels affected.
  5. José’s mother always tells José what to do and when he doesn’t pay attention to her, she gets depressed and tells José that she is worthless.
  6. The head of the office always has something to say and whom to ask to do something. When someone tells her that they do not want to do something or do not want to listen to her, she becomes depressed and victimizes herself in front of everyone.
  7. The vocalist of a band, every time they appear, says that everything is thanks to him and that the entertainment is due to his work.
  8. Pablo always seeks to be a friend to everyone and to be liked by everyone.
  9. Carla brings sweets to her co-workers every day and when she doesn’t, she feels very bad about it.
  10. Laura’s father makes breakfast for his daughters every morning and when he doesn’t, he feels very bad, he gets depressed and apologizes for not doing it.

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