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Examples of historical accounts

Historical accounts are a type of narrative that specifically focuses on the details of events at a point in history. Due to this precision, they are usually short stories and a starting point for tales and stories of a fictional nature.

Examples of historical accounts

In historical accounts there is a structure, namely :

  • The introduction: Through this the environment, characters and circumstances in which the events take place are established, then it continues
  • The development. Unfolding of the story
  • The conclusion.  There is also an important point related to the end and that is that when the events that occur in the denouement at the time of being written by the historian are raised, they have already concluded so they will not have to be extended.
There is also the characteristic that with the passage of time new discoveries may occur or there may be different explanations by other specialists about a past event, which implies a variation or modification of a story, however the essence of the facts is not known. alter.

Examples of historical accounts

  1. The Mexican Revolution .
  2. The Magellan-Elcano expedition.
  3. The conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan.
  4. The fall of the Berlin Wall.
  5. The conquests of Alexander the Great
  1. «The war of the triple alliance in Paraguay

This war is called by the Paraguayans as the great war, the origin was very dark, but it is believed that in 1864 it began as a retaliation because initially Paraguay, in the voice of its president, Mr. Francisco Solano López, who was a marshal, gave it his Support for the white party of Uruguay, which was in a civil war against the Colorado party of Uruguay The armed conflict with Brazil began when the Paraguayan government captured a Brazilian merchant ship and the ruler of the province of Mato Grosso, declared war and They occupied Mato Grosso militarily. This occupation ended when the Brazilian troops and an Imperial squad attacked them logistically supported by the Argentine government, which remained neutral until that moment.

Argentina denied the passage to the Paraguayan troops, which forced these troops to invade the city of Corrientes, thus introducing the Argentine government into the triple alliance.

The Argentine government formed strategic alliances with the new government of Uruguay, which formed the triple alliance between Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, who strongly attacked Paraguay, causing great damage to its economy, a direct massacre of its population, leaving the vast majority of people dead. adult males and leaving the country bankrupt, without a population, and even more so, Paraguay considers the aggression of the triple alliance as a genocide, since after having marked a complete defeat over Paraguay they annihilated all adult and middle-aged males.

The Great War or the Triple Alliance lasted three years, beginning on November 12, 1864 and ending on March 9, 1870.

The Paraguayans consider that there was an intervention of the British Empire, this despite the fact that the wife of the Paraguayan president was British, killing the president and his son.

Finally they fixed the payment of the war towards Paraguay, who was economically destroyed for paying all the expenses and damages of the war, the territory of Paraguay was decimated by territorial courts in favor of Brazil and Argentina. “

  1. «On other maps, the same story

Almost 300 years after the landing of Colon in America, Captain James Cook sailed the mysterious southern seas of the East, nailed the British flag in Australia and New Zealand, and opened the way to the conquest of the infinite islands of Oceania.

Because of its white color, the natives believed that those navigators were dead returned to the world of the living. And by their actions, they knew they were coming back for revenge.

And history repeated itself.

As in America, the newcomers seized fertile fields and water sources and drove those who lived there into the desert.

And they were subjected to forced labor, as in America, and their memory and customs were forbidden.

As in America, Christian missionaries pulverized or burned pagan stone or wood effigies. A few were saved and sent to Europe, after amputation of their penises, to bear witness to the war against idolatry. The god Rao, now on display at the Louvre, arrived in Paris with a label that defined him like this: an  idol of impurity, vice and shameless passion.

As in America, few natives survived. Those who did not fall by exhaustion or bullet, were annihilated by unknown pests, against which they had no defenses. “

  1. The ball game

Hernán Cortes threw the ball to the ground. And so the Emperor Charles and his numerous courtiers witnessed a never-before-seen prodigy: the ball bounced and flew through the air.

Europe did not know that magic ball, but in Mexico and Central America rubber has always been used, and the ball game was more than 3000 years old.

In the game, a sacred ceremony, the thirteen heavens above fought against the nine worlds below, and the ball, bouncing, flying, came and went between light and darkness.

Death was the winner’s reward. The one who overcame died. He offered himself to the gods, so that the sun would not go out in the sky and the rain would continue to rain on the earth.

  1. «Demonized

They will come to teach fear.

They will come to castrate the sun.

The Mayan prophets had announced, in Yucatan, this time of humiliation.

And it was in Yucatán, in 1562, that Fray Diego de Landa threw into the fire, in a long ceremony, the books of the Indians.

And the exorcist wrote:

We found them a great number of books of these their letters, and because they had nothing in which there was no superstition and falsehoods of the Devil, we burned them all.

The smell of sulfur was felt from afar. The Mayans deserved fire because they asked, because they were curious, because they followed the passage of days in time and the passage of the stars in the thirteen heavens.

Among many other demons, they had created the most accurate calendar of all that exist or have ever existed, and had known better than anyone to predict the eclipses of the sun and the moon, and had discovered the figure zero time before the Arabs had the kindness to carry that novelty to Europe. “

  1. «Killing forests they died

There were more and more mouths and less food. Less and less forests and more deserts. Too much rain, or no rain.

Tied with ropes, the peasants scratched the skinned walls of the mountains in vain. The corn could not find water or land to raise its leaves. The land, without trees to hold it back, stained the river waters red and was lost in the wind.

After 3000 years of history, night fell on the Mayan kingdoms.

But the Mayan days kept walking, on the legs of the peasant communities in southern Mexico. The communities moved to other places and survived, almost in secret, without stone pyramids or pyramids of power: with no king but the sun of each day. “

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