Examples of high self-esteem

Self-esteem is the way we present ourselves to society . They are attitudes that develop over time through our environment and that determine part of who we are as human beings. The self – esteem high not be confused with those who maintain at its end egocentric attitudes. On the contrary, having a high self-esteem implies facing life and days with happiness , with a spirit of constant improvement, at the same time that we understand that we value, love and respect ourselves.

Some examples of high self-esteem

high self-esteem can even satisfy our mental and emotional stability, in the face of adverse events to the tranquility of our days. Among the characteristics that we find in an individual with high self-esteem, we have:

  • They are sociable people, capable of interacting and sharing with their environment.
  •  They feel good about themselves, they don’t keep complexes.
  •  They are creative and challenging subjects.
  •  They are not afraid of changes.
  •  They are persevering, they know their abilities.
  •  They are not afraid to speak in public.
  •  They are self-critical.
  •  They are happy, funny, outgoing people.
  •  Experience each day as a new opportunity to grow and advance.
  •  They are confident, decisive people.

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