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Examples of Heteronomy

The heteronomía is a term that refers to the will which is not the person, is acting under the will of someone or something else or follow orders and rules of another person. This concept is mostly used in the field of philosophy , and in fact it was in this area where it had its origin, coined by the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who sought to explain this type of behavior to understand people within a society and the bond what is between them and the law that was imposed at that time.

People who act in this way are not able to impose themselves on the rules or instructions that others have forced them to follow, they simply do not feel they have enough autonomy to do their own will in most of their affairs.

15 Examples of Heteronomy

  1. Wearing clothes that are fashionable and only appear in magazines.
  2. Marrying under pressure from society, family and the culture of a society.
  3. Watching a soccer game as a consequence of blind fanaticism promoted by the media.
  4. See a group of people looting a store and doing the same.
  5. Joining an activity even if it is dangerous just because friends are doing it.
  6. Soldiers following orders.
  7. Pay attention to the doctor when they advise you on something or medications.
  8. Join a network as political support.
  9. Prefer a song that always plays on the radio.
  10. Carry out the activities ordered by the boss even if they are contrary to his ideologies or ethics.
  11. Collaborate with colleagues to mistreat another.
  12. Start an activity because your classmates started.
  13. Stop smoking or drinking alcohol because your doctor indicated it.
  14. Choosing to buy a different car than the one you went to buy by persuasion of the seller.
  15. Vote for a politician not to be fired from your job in a public entity.

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