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heretic person is one who proposes or defends opinions that go against the ideas that are considered absolute and irrevocable in a given social environment. It is mainly used in the religious sphere.

In the case of religion, those who challenge particular beliefs or rules of the church to which they belong will be heretics . These people can express their disagreement or make some criticism on issues related to the religion of which they are practitioners.

Heresy, blasphemy and atheism: differences

There are concepts that tend to be confused because they have something in common: they contrast ideas. However, it is necessary to learn to differentiate a heretic person, the one who performs blasphemies and the atheists.

Atheism : absence of religious beliefs, especially the existence of deities. .

Blasphemy : insult or offense against God and sacred subjects for a certain religion.

Heresy : it is a contrast to one or more ideas implanted by a religious doctrine. The most extreme heresies can be to deny or question God’s Word .

As you will see, heretics differ from practitioners of the other two concepts in:

  • Believe in God and are part of a church (as opposed to atheists and possibly the individual who blasphemes)
  • It is not intended to abandon church or religion but to imply that something is wrong and should be improved.
  • The heretic will not necessarily make a criticism whose content offends the church, although some members may consider the criticism itself an offense, to the point of being able to excommunicate them.

Examples of heretic

  • Martin Luther : he professed the idea that not knowing how to read or write could save us, therefore, reading the holy scriptures was not necessary. The Church excommunicated him.
  • Galileo Galilei : his scientific theories caused the hegemony of the Catholic Church to be violated and therefore excommunicated him.
  • Theodotus the Tanner : He was the main defender of adoptionism , a type of heresy that proposes Jesus as a human being who was adopted by God and therefore elevated to “Divine Being”. They deny that Jesus is a true son of God and the Virgin Mary.
  • Isaac Newton : He was accused by the philosopher Gottfried Leibniz of a heretic after describing the Universe as “the sensorium of God”, which suggested that God is the universe and time. The scientist was always considered a heretic.
  • Ignacio Semmelweis: was contrary to certain ideas within medicine. He introduced the need for thorough hand washing to avoid transferring microbes from a corpse to a patient, but hardly anyone took his ideas into account. He became obsessed and ended up in a mental hospital. It was not if not until other doctors spoke on the subject.

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