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Examples of hedonism


The hedonism is a philosophical doctrine that says that human beings must have as main objective of life find pleasure in every way.

This current not only establishes that pleasure is a good and that we must do what is necessary to obtain it, but that we have to get as far away from pain as possible , both physical and psychological.

Michel Onfray , a French philosopher, is one of the main defenders of hedonism. Onfray proposes that this philosophy is a lifestyle that is part of our being, rather than a set of rules that we must follow. He considers that passions and desires should be our main needs to be covered.

Origin of hedonism

Hedonistic philosophy originates from ancient Greece and was developed by two groups:

Cyrenaics . It is a school founded by Aristipo de Cirene. It establishes that personal wishes must be covered as a priority, even if the wishes or needs of others are not taken into account. They profess: “first my teeth, then my relatives . 

Epicureans . School founded by Epicurus of Samos, dating from the 6th century BC This philosopher pointed out that happiness is proportional to the pleasure experienced. They also indicate that all pleasure is good, only that there could be errors in the ways of achieving them.


Pleasure is sought to obtain pleasure, that is, it is not something that we seek to obtain something else, therefore, the theory of hedonism says that it is a unique and supreme good .
  • Continuous search for pleasure and maintenance of satisfaction.
  • Always try to satisfy wants and needs.
  • Try to have positive emotions.
  • Live emotions with great intensity.
  • Don’t think too much about the long-term future; you must live in the present and think only about the near future.

Examples of hedonism

  • Feeding when necessary.
  • Bundle up when it’s cold.
  • Feel safe.
  • Quench thirst.
  • Calm sexual desire with intimate relationships.
  • Talk in a pleasant way with someone.
  • Feel love and feel loved.
  • Do activities that provide satisfaction, such as playing an instrument, painting, running, etc.
  • Exercise and feel good.
  • Surround yourself with only good friends.
  • Avoid reading or listening to negative news as much as possible .
  • Travel to places that you want to know.
  • Remove people who cause discomfort.
  • Try to be prosperous in personal finances.
  • Create a business that meets your entrepreneurship needs for economic and personal development.
  • Eat balanced meals that do not harm health and that at the same time satisfy everyone’s tastes.

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