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Examples of Healthy Habits

The  healthy habits are those daily tasks that we perform in order to maintain or improve our quality of life. They are actions that allow us to enjoy many benefits, such as having an organized routine, not having vices or avoiding presenting diseases.

It is widely believed that these habits are only related to physical health, especially from the nutritional point of view, but the truth is they also include the elements that give us peace of mind and positive thoughts.

Examples of healthy habits

  1. Do exercise.
  2. Drink water regularly.
  3. Sleep at least 8 hours.
  4. Organize tasks to avoid setbacks.
  5. No Smoking.
  6. Avoid alcohol in excess.
  7. Maintain a balanced diet.
  8. Apply personal hygiene measures.
  9. To study.
  10. Practice any sport.
  11. Reserve hours for recreation.
  12. Keep your mind busy with useful tasks.
  13. Be responsible to avoid problems at work or school that cause stress.
  14. Do not eat late.
  15. Avoid high consumption of sugar and salt.

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