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Examples of healthy diets

When we talk about diet we refer to the eating habit of a person made up of the amount of food, frequency and composition of it . Nutritional habits and behaviors define a person’s diet.

Talking about diet is not exactly talking about healthy food, since it only covers the type of food and the amount of it per day.

healthy diet is a type of diet where the portions, carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and others that compose it are distributed equally. By doing this, the intake of these foods are beneficial to the body.

In this case, we are going to see some styles of eating that are considered healthier due to the type of food that they comprise.

Examples of Healthy Diets

    1. Breakfast:  coffee with semi-skimmed milk and mini sandwich.
Mid-morning:  fruit salad. In detail: mini sandwich of cooked ham accompanied by coffee with milk for breakfast and fruit salad with pear and grapes at mid-morning.

Dinner:  zucchini puree with grilled hake.

Dessert:  mandarins. In detail: cream of zucchini, onion and a little potato, seasoned with salt and black pepper, all crushed. Grilled hake. Two tangerines for dessert.

  1. Breakfast:  milk tea with two kiwis.

Mid-morning:  sandwich with skimmed liquid yogurt. In detail: tea with milk accompanied by two kiwis for breakfast and a serrano ham sandwich with skimmed liquid yogurt at mid-morning.

Dinner:  full salad.

Dessert:  mango. In detail: salad with lettuce and lamb’s lettuce shoots, cherry tomato, beet and carrot with a hard-boiled egg and 25 g of hazelnuts. Two whole wheat toasts. Half mango for dessert.

  1. Breakfast:  coffee with milk with tomato sandwich and fresh cheese.

Mid-morning:  skimmed natural yogurt sweetened with walnuts. In detail: coffee with milk with a sandwich of whole wheat bread (without added fat), with tomato, oregano, olive oil and fresh cheese. Mid-morning, skimmed plain yogurt with walnuts.

Dinner:  steamed vegetables or lekué with chicken.

Dessert:  melon. In detail: aubergine, onion, carrot and tomato in strips, steamed or in lékué, with diced chicken breast. Two slices of whole wheat bread. Melon for dessert.

  1. Breakfast:  milk with breakfast cereals.

Mid-morning:  apple with sweetened skimmed yogurt. Try to choose whole grain breakfast cereals without honey, sugar or added fats.

Dinner:  tomato salad and tuna belly.

Dessert: banana. In detail: tomato salad in thick slices accompanied by tuna belly. Two slices of whole wheat bread. Banana for dessert.

  1. Breakfast:  Fruit salad.

Mid-morning: natural yogurt with granola. The idea is to consume these products without added sugar or sweeteners,

Dinner:  Mashed potatoes or banana.

Dessert: toast with jam without sweetener or added sugar.

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