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Examples of Health

Health is defined as the state of well-being that people have at the level of energy they have to carry out any type of activity without suffering from any ailment or discomfort.

The health of living beings encompasses both the physical, the mental and the social, for this reason health is the opposite of disease when beings are in excellent health, their mood and performance is much better than when they have any ailment .

10 Health Examples

  1. Mental health: this is based on the proper functioning of people’s mental balances in order to avoid stress, depression, among others.
  2. Alimentary: it is when people take an adequate diet.
  3. Environmental: It is based on the relationships that men have with animals, plants and the entire universe.
  4. Character health: this is related to the type of responses we give to any situation.
  5. The health of the word: it is defined as those words that we must say at the appropriate time.
  6. The health of knowledge: Without this type of health you cannot accept or reject some things that occur in everyday life.
  7. Emotional health: This is based on the moment of being able to express emotions in a pleasant way.
  8. Physical health: it is based on the part of the proper functioning of the body and its five senses.
  9. Occupational health: This refers to people’s work and that they are protected by law.
  10. Sexual health: this focuses on the religious, educational and social.

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