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Examples of Health Promotion

Health promotion is defined as the process that allows people to have good control over their health, since health is the entire state of well-being that living beings have of enjoying good physical, mental and social well-being. .

The main objectives of health promotion are to transform living conditions that may have a negative influence on health, it helps to stimulate healthy life habits.

10 Examples of Health Promotion

  1. The creation of green areas for people to do more physical activity.
  2. The spaces that have been enabled for smokers and in this way avoid harming other people.
  3. The creation of anti-tobacco campaigns since their main objective is to reduce tobacco addiction.
  4. Food information that is provided to the consumer since it is mandatory that all products have good nutritional information.
  5. The creation of outdoor gyms for better physical activity.
  6. Strengthen public spaces with the installation of a park where a day of exercises can be held.
  7. The dance therapies in the open air are excellent to improve health, since having the muscles in activity for a good function.
  8. The consumption of foods that have a good high nutritional value are always essential for the proper functioning of the body. Which usually always bring a table where it specifies the vitamins and nutrients that the food contains.
  9. The outdoor spaces that are used for free for low-income people to do a daily exercise day.
  10. Protect and increase green areas so that every day there are more people who can benefit from improving their health.

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