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Examples of haters


With the arrival of social networks , there are many terms that began to be coined and used widely from the Internet. Some words have transcended to other areas, others are only still used in the virtual field, as haters .

What are haters?

The web 2.0 are those sites where users can share content and interact with other users . Social networks are part of this modality that for more than 15 years has been implemented on more and more platforms.

The possibility of being able to comment on websites such as forums, blogs or social networks gave rise to the appearance of haters. They are people who are dedicated to commenting, maliciously and with hostility , what others share on the mentioned platforms.


An eventual bad attitude, which anyone can suffer, should not be confused with a recurring behavior. Haters are so named because they are individuals whose behavior is always full of hostility . The vast majority of comments made to a specific person or to several are negative.

Thus, the victim of harassment assumes that he “has a hater”, that is, someone who takes his publications personally and decides to express his rejection or hatred in a public or private way.

Normally they do not have highly personalized profiles: their avatar is just any image and not a photograph of their face , they use false names or pseudonyms, and they do not have empathy with the person to whom they comment their content, so they do not mind insulting them or humiliate them.

Hater Vs Troll

The terms troll and hater tend to be confused. Many who are dedicated to “trolling” publications tend to call them haters, but they are not. The trolls are other characters in Internet that are dedicated to “ruin” other people ‘s posts with messages full of sarcasm, black humor or denying the statements in order to leave evil to its author.

These people have fun provoking others to stimulate an argument, although in reality they do not care what the other has to say.

Instead, haters only want to offend others, criticize them, and make unfortunate comments about their personality or image.

Examples of haters

  • People who make fun of the physical appearance of another on a recurring basis.
  • Criticize in a derogatory way instead of leaving constructive criticism.
  • Someone who constantly expresses mistrust of a person’s brand or reputation.
  • Person who is dedicated to creating fake profiles to harass someone.
  • One who filters images or private chats through false social profiles to discredit someone.
  • Create rumors and spread them through the main social networks in order to provoke the anger of others towards one or more people.

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