Examples of hard skills

Some time ago we talked about soft skills , today we briefly explain what hard skills are, this type of skills are those that the person acquires throughout his career, his studies, are those skills that are related to the specialty in the that is prepared, for example a professional in Software and programming must have like hard skills knowledge in development of programs in programming languages .

Other definitions of hard skills are that they are those skills that people acquire to perform various types of tasks and they do so in their student stage, when they are training in a specialty or when they are studying the career that in the future they will put into practice It can also be that knowledge acquired through courses and training programs, even when the career is already being exercised, this type of knowledge can be acquired. In summary, hard skills can be learned, it is not something that can be learned by someone with a special talent, in the same way they are susceptible to passing through different types of evaluation. and measuring the degree of knowledge that a person has is therefore a factor that influences the moment of being hired by a company, it goes hand in hand with soft skills.

While knowledge in the sense of hard skills is true, they are of vital importance for the professional development of the person, it is crucial to know the soft skills of oneself since there will always be something in which one stands out beyond their knowledge , but at the same time this type of skills cannot be set aside since it is undoubtedly the first thing that recruiters of personnel in companies take into account to take into account or reject the applicant for a job.

Examples of hard skills:

  1. Knowledge of Web programming.Know how to use all the tools that Photoshop offers.
  2. Have the necessary knowledge to do an accounting study.
  3. Know how to interpret the graphics of a radar panel in an airport.
  4. Knowledge of health and surgery issues.
  5. Knowledge of literary tools and resources to be able to write a book.
  6. Have knowledge about composition and handling of cameras and lighting equipment.

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