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Examples of happiness


Happiness is a state of mind in which you can have a feeling of satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. The person who feels happy is comfortable and experiences a well-being that can be a consequence of having achieved something; may be it is having performed a complex task successfully and have achieved a goal laid out long ago.

It is an emotion that regardless of its duration there is no feeling of need, much less of feeling some kind of suffering or worry. But of course happiness is something subjective , this means that there are no parameters or conditions that must be met for everyone in order for this emotion to be felt.

Examples of happiness

  1. A mother giving birth to her first child
  2. A young man being accepted into the University
  3. An athlete who wins a gold medal at the Olympics
  4. A whole country when your team wins the World Cup
  5. A visit from a loved one
  6. Children visiting an amusement park
  7. A family welcoming a loved one who returns from war
  8. After receiving a new toy
  9. When you go on a trip to a new place
  10. A young man passing high school with good grades

People can be happy for different things, not necessarily for the same reason, although they can also coincide, such as family members who feel happy after the birth of a baby in their family. The issue of self- improvement and personal growth can greatly influence since these are linked to the aspirations that each person has and their idea of ​​what it is to have a good life, however happiness can be present without having done anything similar to the aforementioned since a person can be happy the way they are, with their family members, their partner, their work and thus they feel good, that is why it is said that happiness is something relative and is perceived differently in each person.

Physically the feeling of happiness is related to some neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine which is secreted naturally and produces the sensation of pleasure and relaxation, there are also external factors that influence the person, in the limbic system to be more exact since all its components respond to the aforementioned stimuli with the production of chemicals in the brain that give the sensation of well-being.

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