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Examples of Greetings

It is defined as greetings to the gesture, word, expression through the speech that one person makes to another, a greeting can be shown through various formulas such as hello, hello, how are you, good afternoon among others.

The greeting is used to be able to socialize correctly with other people or simply as rules of courtesy. It is a gesture that can be done in various ways.

20 Examples of Greetings

  1. Good morning this greeting is used until the hours before noon.
  2. Good night is used from 6 in the afternoon until the early hours of the morning.
  3. Hello, this type of greeting is used at any time of the day. It is the type of greeting most used by younger people.
  4. Good afternoon, this is used from 12 noon to 7 at night.
  5. That you have this type of greeting is used to wish the other person have a nice day, afternoon, night.
  6. May you have a good morning, good afternoon, good evening, a good start to the week, or a good weekend.
  7. How nice to see you, it is used to accompany phrases like how nice to see you as you are, what is your life, where have you been.
  8. What a pleasure to see you again. How is everything.
  9. Long time without seeing it. Where have you been, what has been of your life.
  10. How are you.
  11. How have you been. Time without seeing you, tell me and the family.
  12. What’s new, how have you been? How was your trip?
  13. What are you telling me, how are you continuing your health, your mother is fine and your brothers what they do.
  14. We wish you a good day and have a great time greetings for birthdays.
  15. Good luck.
  16. have a happy, very happy time.
  17. I hope you get better soon.
  18. Let it go on your vacation.
  19. Happy travel and I’ll be back soon.
  20. Happy Holidays.

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