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Examples of Green Juices

When it comes to talking about  juices , the first thing we think of is that they are healthy and delicious. Today, we have to tell you about an excellent opportunity to improve your health. Yes,  do you want to change your life?  I think that then if you try  green juices you will notice very important changes in your body. Losing weight, detoxifying the body, among other things are part of the many benefits that we will talk about this day, so we have chosen to bring you these  examples of green juices for you to try and if you like them, start enjoying them as part of your daily life.

Examples of green juices and their benefits

Many experts consider that  green juices are perfect for  losing weight and size , but the reality is that due to the combinations that are made for this juice, such as fruits and vegetables, it becomes a juice full of antioxidants and detoxifiers, allowing it to your body get in shape. It is recommended that this kind of juices be consumed before any meal and always in the morning.

Nopal, pineapple and celery:  This is one of the most popular green juices for weight loss . Taking it daily, it will help us to fill ourselves with vitamins, minerals, as well as accelerate our metabolism and begin to lose weight.

Spinach and mango:  A delicious combination full of benefits. It is very good for detoxifying our body, especially the colon. It allows us to lose sizes and have energy to perform during the day.

Parsley, cucumber and pineapple:  Another of the  green juices to get you in shape, this combination has a delicious flavor, in addition to allowing you to lose weight from the first weeks.

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