Examples of graphology

The graphology is known as a pseudoscience that helps explain some features key personality through the way of writing of people. It is a simple way to know in a general way about character, emotional stability, mental balance and other aptitudes; some graphologists even claim that it is possible to know if a person is in good health or has a physical illness.

20 Graphology Examples

    • Leaving little margin space on the right side is a sign that you have a great desire to have more adventures and a riskier life.
    • The little space in the lower margin between one line and another can have several meanings depending on the size of the letter, it can be excess of self-esteem or on the contrary, simplicity and moderation.
    • When the lines are not inclined in their vertical orientation, it means that the person has great tenacity and objectivity.
    • If the ascending blades in the letters go too high, it could be someone who often fantasizes a lot.
  • The texts tilts to the left side can show introversion or selfishness of some people.
  • Those who write slowly and highlight each stroke well are indecisive, but at the same time very cautious.
  • In contrast, those who write quickly and with virtually no interruptions are highly excitable and need to be active at all times.
  • The writings that present little pressure in the strokes represent very sentimental people and with a tendency to isolate themselves from others.
  • Very rounded letters are synonymous with great goodness and a very good ability to adapt to various situations.
  • Progressively reducing the left margin while writing is an indication of caution in all situations.
  • Progressively reducing the left margin while writing is an indication of caution in all situations.
  • On the contrary, increasing the space left on the left side is a reflection of impatience.
  • wide letter writing , with a lot of space between each one and between words, means that it is a kind and very versatile person.
  • People who write very small , with lower case less than 2 mm, concentrate too much when doing any activity, complicating communication with them most of the time.
  • People who write in very narrow letters do not have much confidence in themselves, and they are constantly afraid of being harmed by others.
  • Writing heavy, with too much pressure, shows aggression and willpower in equal measure.
  • The lyrics too big show great ambition, it can become almost unreal.
  • When the letters are very angular it is an indication of a self-centered personality, it may also be people with little patience for others.
  • Decreasing the right margin as writing progresses is normal for very messy people, but with great self-confidence.
  • In the opposite case, that is, increasing the right margin while writing, shows the fear of changes, these are very routine people.

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