Examples of Grapheme

What is a grapheme?

grapheme is the smallest unit of nonsense language proper to the writing system within a given language. For example, graphemes P – E – R – A are necessary to form the word ” pear ” whose meaning is a fruit.

The grapheme distinguish us a linguistic sign of a different and this, from the point of view of writing, it is essential to differentiate power when a word is written in a certain way and not another. In this way, and thanks to the study of graphemes , it is feasible to recognize that horse is written with “ B ” and “ LL ” and not with “ V ” and “ Y ”, for example.

In addition, these help us to differentiate those words that sound phonetically similar to each other but that in their writing can be differentiated not only from the graphemes used, but also from the concept.

The grapheme and the phoneme

In many words, each grapheme corresponds to a phoneme . However, not always a grapheme will correspond to a phoneme . For example, the word CHANCHO has the “ CH ” that sounds like a single phoneme, although it contains two letters or graphemes; the ” C ” and the ” H “. If we had to divide the word ” pig ” into graphemes it would be as follows:

C – H – A – N – C – H – O

Thus obtaining 7 graphemes or letters. But if we had to decompose it into phonemes we would have:

CH – A – N – CH – O (5 phonemes)

That is, that word has 7 graphemes and 5 phonemes . A 1 phoneme made up of 2 graphemes, as in this case, is called a digraph .

Sequentiality of graphemes

The graphemes are presented sequentially in writing; To say the word ” HOME ” it is necessary to first write the ” C “, then the ” A “, then the ” S ” and finally repeat the grapheme ” A “.

Diacritical marks

The accents or tildes that in the Spanish language are placed above the vowels are also graphemes ; á, é, í, ó, ú because when these appear they modify the meaning of a word. For example, “ pulpit” is not the same as “ pulpit” . In this case, the differentiating element is not a letter, but it is the accent . So, letters are graphemes , but so are diacritical marks such as accents , umlauts , etc.

Phonemes and graphemes in other languages

Although the Spanish language has an abundant phonological spelling , this does not happen in all languages ​​in the same way. Thus, for example, Chinese writing is quite distant and does not have a large “ grapheme-phoneme ” correspondence , as it does in Spanish spelling.

7 Examples of Grapheme

Next, it will be exemplified how 1 single grapheme (marked in bold ) completely modifies the meaning of a word.

  1. Ca s a – Ca z a
  2. Cost a – Cost o  
  3. Mant to – Mant or
  4. N udo – P udo
  5. Pa l a – Pa s a – Pa t a – Pa s a
  6. P asta – B pole – H asta
  7. Puert o – Puert to

20 Examples of graphemes in diacritical marks

  1. Neighborhood – swept
  2. Celebrate – Celebrate
  3. How – how
  4. When when
  5. How much How much
  6. Where where
  7. He – he
  8. That that
  9. Mom – Mom
  10. More more
  11. Dad dad
  12. Step by step
  13. Practice – practice
  14. Public – public
  15. Pulpit – pulpit
  16. Who who
  17. I know – I know
  18. Tea – tea
  19. Traffic – traffic
  20. You – you

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