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Examples of globalization


The globalization is a term used to refer to the integration of diverse societies of the world in various fields such as economy, culture , the technology  and politics just to mention the most relevant today, this in turn makes it see many countries as an international community that generates impact on various levels.

Globalization is generated through capitalism and advances in the field of technology since both create a need to commercially expand to various markets and with the incessant advance that has taken place in recent decades, this phenomenon has grown important.

Globalization is defined as the phenomenon that is based on the continuous increase of society which has opened economic, political, technological, social and cultural processes on a world scale.

The objective of globalization is to identify a dynamic process since this is generally produced by society which has communication and interdependence in all countries of the world, this tool is responsible for uniting their markets in a social and cultural way.

However, there are other influencing factors such as social and historical events such as the fall of the Berlin wall, which allowed us to open a door to new markets and trade between European countries; The free trade agreement, which implies the intervention of many countries in South America, Central America, North America and Europe, also plays an important role. Production and telecommunications are other sectors that have contributed a lot in this regard.

This process has caused promoters and detractors to exist since in the second case the argument is that access to resources is limited to indigenous regions, the agricultural sector and other small communities with respect to multinational companies and, on the other hand, advantages such as They are the freedom of growth of companies, access to information and interaction between cultures, the improvement of the economy of many countries and other social aspects such as the increase in life expectancy, human rights and many other benefits.

Examples of globalization

  1. Social networks.
  2. The free trade agreement between various countries.
  3. The stock market.
  4. Sporting events such as soccer world cup
  5. Olympics
  6. Athletics
  7. Production of Smartphones and tablets.
  8. Changes in immigration laws to facilitate access for people to foreign countries.
  9. The exploitation of natural resources.
  10. Franchises of international companies in the food, film, music and other services sectors.
  11. Virtual shops.
  12. Study programs and jobs for foreigners.
  13. sightseeing
  14. University exchange studies
  15. Treaties and agreements between states.
  16. drug trafficking problems
  17. Inclusion of women in new jobs
  18. The exploitation of various natural resources
  19. Switzerland is the center of bank deposits in the world
  20. Credit organizations worldwide.
  21. Purchases and sales that are made online.
  22. Fast food businesses found in various countries around the world.
  23. The incorporation of women into the world of work and the laws that were passed to defend their rights.
  24. The use of technology through cell phones or the internet.
  25. The great drug trafficking problem which extends to several countries in the world.
  26. The different series that can be seen on television in various countries of the world.
  27. The songs that are heard on the radio.
  28. The various brand name clothing stores are found all over the world.
  29. The world bank or the monetary fund.
  30. The soccer championships which are watched all over the world.
  31. The beauty pageants in which the most beautiful women from all over the world participate.
  32. Free trade agreements that are established between countries.
  33. Social networks.
  34. The reduction of immigration controls that are involved in most countries.
  35. The different competition programs that are carried out in various countries of the world.
  36. The great problem of environmental pollution that exists throughout the world.
  37. The economic problems faced by societies in different countries.
  38. The problem of violation of children’s rights faced in different countries.

This globalization process is dynamic and continuous, always challenging the state’s way of regulating companies through laws, as well as the various economic behaviors worldwide.

In this sense, we can then determine that globalization is a process that is quite complex, which is why the opinions on this point are quite controversial and we will mention them below:

  • The various markets for both goods and capital are opened
  • Privatization of the various public sectors is increasing .
  • Competition is encouraged as an economic value.
  • The door is opened to the international economic market.
  • Cultural exchange 
  • Renaissance of various cultures
  • Human culture is reinforced
  • Decline of nationalism
  • The generalization of democracy as well as the rule of law increases.

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